The Delivery Ceremony of JGOB was Completed Successfully

Release time: 2017-08-30 16:34:00

The delivery ceremony of JGOB Van is held between Aerospace New Long March Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.(NLM) and Beijing Jiaguo Art and Design Center(JG) in 2017 Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Exhibition(BIRTV) in August 23, 2017. It is not only another representative of the cooperation between NLM and Sony China Professional Solutions Group (CPSG), but also the first HD OB van which is manufactured for JG.

During the ceremony, Mr. Sun, Yue, the general manager of JG expressed his gratitude to all the technicians and workers of NLM of providing high quality product to them, and also his wish to our company. Mr. Wang, Jinhui, the Marketing Director of NLM said: “This project is successfully completed on schedule. The positive judgement from our customers has been giving us great encouragement and support. It is the solid foundation for NLM to furtherly expands civilian market even to the Internet field. I would like to take this opportunity, and wish JG a more prosperous future!”


JG is a powerful supplier in the TV media industry, which is the subsidiary company of Beijing Jinpinliuxiang Culture Media Limited. It mainly engaged in live broadcast of large-scale activities, studio program recording, network media broadcast and other related business. As the leader company in this industry, JG has accomplished many missions about recording and rebroadcasting large-scale sports events, variety shows and etc. of CCTV, obtained good reputation and therefore get an absolute competitive advantage in the industry. JG has a relatively strict requirement for the OB vans in terms of vehicle design concept, material selection and production process of the vehicle body, and etc.. All the indicators should meet the high standard of recording large-scale programs.

JGOB van manufactured by NLM will meet all the requirement of live broadcast of large-scale sports events, rebroadcasting, and outdoor program recording, and enhance the production capability of Beijing Jiaguo Art and Design Center. Combined with international advanced manufacture process, the aerospace composite material is used for the vehicle box; high quality blanket is selected for the interior. The back-to-back layout gives a spacious and comfort working area.