SMG All-IP 4K Ultra HD OB Van Perfectly Release

Release time: 2018-06-20 15:22:19

Last week, the product release ceremony for the latest all-IP 4K ultra-high-definition OB van and its auxiliary vehicles was held in Aerospace New Long March Electric Vehicle Technology Co.,Ltd. That product is tailor-made for Shanghai Media Group (SMG).

The guests who attended the ceremony included Deputy General Manager Shen and Broadcasting Manager Gao of Shanghai Oriental Media Technology Co., Ltd., Chief Technical Manager Wu and Chief Account Manager Tang of Grass Valley China, and General Manager Liu of Shanghai Kunxin Digital Technology Co., Ltd., and Deputy General Manager Wang of Aerospace New Long March.

All above guests gave a speech respectively on the ceremony. Among them, Manger Shen stated that since the six years of cooperation with the New Long March, a total of eight OB vans have been delivered and used, of which three were the unique within the industry at the time. Meanwhile, he expressed his appreciation to the new Long March for their strong support and cooperation and also for the pleasant cooperation from Shanghai Kunxin and Grass Valley China.

It is not a simple OB van. The van owns a rare ultra HD broadcast system in the world and it’s the first one with all-IP Ultra HD broadcast system in China. This super system bases on the latest international standard all-IP technology architecture, adopts full-process HDR technology and has 60-channel Ultra HD broadcast capability. Its outstanding data processing capability could meet the requirements of the Olympic Games S-class broadcast system.

The SMG all-IP 4K Ultra HD OB van is 13.75 meters long, 2.5 meters wide and 3.98 meters high, has the extending body on both sides. Each side could extend to 11.5 meters long and 1.1 meters wide. Comparing to the traditional technology, it realizes high-speed network transmission of data, and it greatly increases the scalability and security of the system in a limited space and also simplifies the construction and commissioning of the entire broadcast system.

At the same time, New Long March is the first one in China to solve the problem of installing two rows of oversized 55-inch screens on the premise of ensuring that the minimum height in the vehicle not less than 1.86 meters.

In addition, through the special design of air-conditioning and air ducts, New Long March solved the problem of cooling for the equipment, which is two times higher than that of traditional OB van. Once again it breaks through new technical bottleneck.

Finally, to use the concluding remarks of the deputy general manager Wang in New Long March: “we would like to thank SMG for its seamless coordination and good cooperation with us over the past few years. We sincerely hope that SMG's performance will be good forever, and look forward to our cooperation on the new long march as always.