“WHALE” Promotion Vehicle Debut in Chinese Outdoor Sports Show

Release time: 2018-06-01 16:18:00


On May 25-27, China Outdoor Sports Show was held in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. The China Outdoor Sports Show was sponsored by the China Mountaineering Association and the Government of Kunshan City. It’s mainly for the professional outdoor multi-match, involving the national fitness exercise, outdoor cultural promotion, outdoor product display and local cultural experience.

Despite it is rainy weather, it could not stop outdoor sports enthusiasts attending it. The appearance of the " WHALE" concept vehicle attracted the great attention from participants and the visitors.

"WHALE" concept vehicle is a multi-functional concept trailer that integrates "product display, corporate publicity, and conference negotiation". It is the first time to apply with extension technology and museum exhibition concept of vehicle modification into the vehicle development. 

Most of specialist vehicles on the market with the space expansion function generally extend their space horizontally. However, "WHALE" shows the application of the extension technology and museum exhibition concept to vehicles. A vehicle body with a lifting jacket is used to expand space upwards like building a two-story building on top of a modified vehicle. After multi-directional, multi-level and three-dimensional expansion, the vehicle area reaches total 110 square meters, which is equivalent to a house with three bedrooms and one living room.

The exhibition aimed to test and warm up the future RV market. In the near future, the "LANSEL" brand RV will emerge on the market.


"LANSEL" Big Expansion RV 

Size up to 6/12 m × 2.5m × 2.6m, large bilateral expansion, up to 8-meter-wide after expansion, area up to 50/100 square meters.

Stackable and quickly built into outdoor hotel

Your mobile villa or forest cottage

Applicable to RV camps, travel accommodations, commercial storefronts, reception halls and other scenes.



Size up to 5.99 m ×2.3m×3.2m

Mobile homes for your travelling all over the world.

7 days of water supply, to get rid of camp dependence.

With advantages of practical and simple, convenient operation, suitable for traveling nearby and faraway.