LANSEL HTF-GK260 Aerial Work Platform Successfully Delivered

Release time: 2018-05-31 16:24:00

LANSEL HTF-GK260 Aerial work platform was successfully delivered to the East China Sea Fleet Security Department in mid-September.

The height of HTF-GK260 can reach 26 meters and its weight is 16 tons. It is mainly used for aerial work of repair and maintenance of ships, ports and docks etc.


Due to the large annual wind force in the ports and other areas (the basic wind power reaches 5 or more), the requirement for the stability of the aerial vehicle is high. The HTF-GK260 has not only achieved a high degree of straightness meeting customer requirements, but also exceeded customer expectations in the aspects of weight and stability etc. During the acceptance process, all the leaders of the East China Sea Fleet Security Department gave good comments.


The HTF-GK260 aerial work platform is a typical example of transforming aerospace technology into civilian products. It is a wisdom crystallization that is strictly based on the design process of the military industrial system and brings together professional technicians and experts. The team used pro/e three-dimensional modeling, Adams simulation calculation, Ansys finite element analysis and FMEA reliability design method. It experienced prototypes, samples, and finalized design. Many national patents have been issued for the engine starting protection device, the working bucket and hydraulic automatic leveling devices for aerial work platform,and the products have passed the inspection of the National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

The aerial work platform adopts energy-saving and environmental-friendly components, with technological innovation, , reducing work intensity to improve work efficiency in repair, shipbuilding and other industries without scaffolding in construction. With first-class production technology, advanced technology, high-end accessories and reliable design, NLM is creating cost-effective products for customer.